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Motorcycle Laws

Below are some New Hampshire laws that apply to motorcyclists.  This is not a complete list, but it covers the basics.  If you'd really like to dive into some wonderful reading, check out NH Laws online.

  • Your bike needs mufflers and baffles. Modifying an exhaust system to increase noise above that emitted by the original muffler installed is prohibited. No motorcycle may exceed 106 decibels at 20 inches from the muffler.  While Laconia has not yet begun a significant crackdown on loud pipes, several other town have, and our turn is coming soon.
  • Burnouts or wheel stands are not allowed on any public roads.  Police will also intervene if your burnouts interfere with public safety concerns anywhere.
  • A rear view mirror is not only a good idea, it's required.
  • New Hampshire's open container law is vigorously enforced during bike week. Unless you want it dumped on the road, keep it unopened if riding and on private property while drinking and watching the action.
  • Walking in the road, or alongside the road while interfering with traffic is not allowed, not to mention rather risky.
  • Displays of public nudity, and those who entice it, do not go over real well with police. 
  • Handlebars must not be positioned above the shoulder level of the driver when seated.
  • Motorcycles must not be driven more than 2 abreast in a single lane.
  • Do not pass a car in the same lane.
  • Helmets are required for any riders under age 18.
  • If your motorcycle is not equipped with a windshield or screen, you must wear some form of eye protection.