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God I love this shit, lol.

Sorry kids, but this can't go unposted. I've uncovered another gem that cries out for daylight. I found a headline from 2015 screaming "State and Laconia leaders tout $100 million economic benefit of Motorcycle Week". I'm sure that you, like me, saw that figure somewhere and thought "who's ass did they pull THAT number out of"? Well, like all of Charlies lies, the source will both amuse AND amaze you !

So .... in 1990, St.Clair references a Boston Globe article on STURGIS and comes up with this : The article, written by Royal Ford, carried the headline ''Motorcycle revival in Lacona?'' and discussed the economic impact of the week-long Sturgis rally on that small Black Hills city, estimated at $100 million by the local chamber, and how the Sharks were calling for a week of expanded activities in the Lakes Region.
''Bob Lawton at Funspot read the story and called me and asked what we could do to bring back Motorcycle Week and volunteered to let us use Funspot as headquarters for the rally,'' said St. Clair.

Can you fucking believe it ? The Sturgis Chamber of Commerce pulls the $100 million figure out of THEIR asses in 1990, St.Clair sees this and TWENTY FIVE YEARS later that SAME EXACT FIGURE is quoted by him and the Governor as the real value of L.B.W. Lies, lies and more lies ...... W.R.
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