Post Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:26 pm

Hellapalooza 2013

Hey yall, I know most of ya couldnt make it due to the fact that this party is in Columbus, Ohio. Deli has been putting on this party for 5 years now after the Easyrider Bike Show. This year we are doing a raffle and the prize is a hand made quilt with pics of us from rallies parties etc on it. If anyone is interested in buying a ticket they are 10.00 each. And if you win it and are not at the party we will ship it to you. The proceeds will go to our friend Sassy Sue who lost her husband Braden in a motorcycle wreck in July and she has been having a hard tie amking ends meet. So if you are interested just send me a message and I can hook ya up :). And also this year we are taking donations for the troops if anyone is interested in that. Thanks Dee Dee