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June 10th - 18th, 2017.  Now in it's 94st year!
Vendor Information

During bike week, between 300 and 400 vendors will flood the area in and around the Weirs. They can be found around rally headquarters at the Lobster Pound, all over Lakeside Avenue, along route 3 north and south of the Weirs bridge, around the Broken Spoke and Funspot, and even into Meredith. They offer everything from leather products, souvenirs, surprisingly great food, and much more.  Some of the vendors include Above All Leather, Spider's Promotions, Art Attack, Bear Hollow Boots, Jim's French Fries, Ryder Sports, Simply Silver, and Icicles Eyewear. 

A Couple Vendor Site Plans
Beachview Bazaar Vendors Half Moon Vendors
Waterslide Area Vendors Winnipesaukee Marketplace Vendors
Drive In Theater Vendors  

If you are thinking about vending at bike week, read on. Below are the general vending regulations and licensing fees for bike week.  The fees are currently under review and may be changed by 2005.

You can only vend on a property that has gotten approval from the city to allow vendors, so you need to make sure the property owner who's land you plan to vend on has successfully obtained permission from the City to allow vending. The licensing period is for nine days, beginning at 8:00am Saturday June 12 and ending at 12:01am Monday June 21.

The license fee is $450.  Payment for applications received after June 1 must be made by cash or money order. Applications received after June 3 will be charged a late fee of $100 per location. Non-Profit organizations will be charged a late fee of $25 per location.

If you intend to vend on one property but in several spots, you need a license for each spot in which you plan to vend. License fee $450 for your first spot, $100 for each additional spot.  Non-Profit organizational vendors pay a license fee of $100 for the first spot and $25 for each additional spot.

If you plan on vending from more than one property, you need a license for each property. The license fee is $450 for each property.  Non-Profit Organizational vendors pay a license fee of $100 for each property.

Subletting of your space is strictly prohibited.

All vendors must read and comply with the safety regulations. All Food Vendors must comply with the State of NH regulations for food vending. These regulations will be attached to your applications and license and you will be inspected.

Vendors utilizing flammable source of heat for food preparation or for any other purpose, must obtain a permit from the Laconia Fire Department. (603) 524-6881.

Tattoo Vendors must submit an application however, no license will be Issued unless or until the tattoo vendor has been inspected and approved by the NH Dept of Health. You must obtain a Tattoo Practitioner and Tattoo Establishment license from the State. All state paperwork must be submitted no later than May 1, 2002. Please contact Leta Ricard for the applications from the State of NH @ 603-271-3021. Onsite inspections will be done for all tattoo establishments, then and only then a copy of the Practitioner and Establishment license will issued and you will be required to bring it to City Hall to obtain your vendor license from the City.

You will need to shield your booths and merchandise from the public during the set up period.

This information is subject to change and is only meant to be a primer.  Any questions regarding Licensing for MC Week should be directed to Kerri Parker in Licensing at the city of Laconia (603) 528-6331.

Motorcycle Week Vendor Licensing Board
City of Laconia

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